Friday, August 26, 2011

Quick Update

I keep putting off the giant advanced Azy tutorial entry that I've been writing off and on for the past few months, mainly because I hate how code looks on a blog. It'll be up sometime, but probably not today. Or tomorrow.

Shotgun has gotten a lot of updates and features over the past few weeks. Crashes only occur "sometimes" now, and copying links is possible with right clicking. There's probably other things of import, but it seems to be fairly usable overall. I know there are people out there who have already switched from Pidgin, which is pretty neat for a small hobby project. With some luck, I will get more time to continue work on it soon.

Esskyuehl now compiles with recent versions of MySQL. Hooray!

I have spent the past week working on small bits and tests related to eeze mounting in EFM. All in all, I would say that I have accomplished a net of zero improvements. The main issue is the whackamole-like style of the bugs and my own inability to reproduce them regularly. Frequently, mounts will occur with no issues. Other times nothing will happen. Sometimes I get a crash. I'm getting closer, but the project is very demoralizing since there are no milestones.

Pulseaudio integration is still untouched since my last headaches in July. Once I sit down with it and take some painkillers I can probably bang it out in a few more days of awfulness, though no doubt Lennart has left me plenty more "features" which will hamstring my efforts.

Another project that I will probably use as a "relaxing" item is libarchive integration of lrzip. I have been reviewing the required API, and it seems fairly sane - what a delightful surprise! The downside is that I will likely use the command version of the API instead of directly integrating using liblrzip, meaning that my work there will continue to be unused. The upside is that libarchive will be able to build lrzip support without needing to check for a valid lrzip installation.

In closing, fuck everything about cnp in ELM.