Sunday, May 4, 2014

Almost there...

I made another video of my music player to demonstrate a few more features which were left out of the previous video. In the process, I uncovered and fixed more bugs. I also found that I seem to have borked Edje text sizing, as seen briefly in the tooltips.

  • Software rendering hurts a lot here. First Music Player GUI Ever To Require Hardware Acceleration For Smooth Performance was not the tagline that I was shooting for.
  • First two cover art images (first Periphery:Clear cover, Odyssey cover) are being loaded from a disk cache. Every other image is being searched for and downloaded in realtime.
    • File browser uses Glyr for artist image finding, which is horrifically slow/inaccurate => this is why the file browser is blank. Need to figure out a non-Google service to abuse for this...
    • Lyrics were downloaded in realtime

1.0 soon, no I'm not adding non-MPD support.